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White Rose
Language School in Valladolid

About us

Our school is situated in the centre of Valladolid: 19 Lopez Gómez St, 1 Dcha. near the University Square.

Set up in 1992 by Dr Ruby Vurdien and David Rixham, our school has a long-standing reputation for English teaching for both general and specific courses, particularly those geared towards preparing students for the broad range of Cambridge English examinations.

Our teaching staff, who are native speakers of English, are qualified English teachers and have extensive teaching experience both in our school as well as working overseas. Our varied activities also involve designing and teaching English courses for professionals at postgraduate level, and we also participate in educational training programmes. Our expertise in the area of examination preparation has granted us the opportunity to become a recognised Preparation Centre for the University of Cambridge English examinations.

We value teaching that meets the highest of standards and is creative, whilst at the same time we aim to understand the needs of our students and assist them in fulfilling their learning goals.

In order to ensure that groups are homogeneous, students are requested to do a level test prior to being placed in their respective classes.

We are members of ACLID (Association of Language Teaching Centres in Castilla y León) and FECEI (National Federation of Language Teaching Centres).

Where are we?


19 Lopez Gómez St, 1 Dcha.
Valladolid - España
Telephone: (+34) 983 305 605
Opening times:
10:00 - 13: 00
16:45 - 20:30

White Rose
Language School in Valladolid


19 Lopez Gómez St, 1 Dcha.
Valladolid, Spain

Opening hours

  • Mornings: 10:00 - 13:00
  • Afternoons/Evenings: 16:45- 20:30

Contact us

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